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NeuroTouch offers you the skills, and the confidence, to reclaim Touch as a powerful healing tool for you and your loved ones

Combining the very latest neuroscience with originator Gerry Pyves’ 30 years of clinical experience as a Psychotherapist and Touch Therapist, NeuroTouch is not a “miracle cure” or a “magic bullet” – but does offer you the tools for gradual, long term, sustainable improvements in every aspect of your health – from the physical to the psychological, and everything in between.

Tools you can learn in just 2 days

If you’re looking for an alternative to the “a pill will fix it” approach; an alternative to putting your well-being in the hands of an “expert” and giving away your power and responsibility for your own health; an alternative that goes back to one of the most ancient healing forces on the planet – then you’re in the right place.

Trauma and You

95% of the trauma we’re carrying is completely unknown to us – we’re carrying it in our body and we’re carrying it in our unconscious.

Watch stubborn Physical Pain Melt Away


It all started with a terrible mattress. Gerry and Ella, two Massage therapists with over 4 decades of experience between them, were on holiday and after the two nights on the apartment mattress, Ella was suffering badly from back pain. Gerry’s first instinct was to consider Massage – but having been reading up on the latest neuroscience he decided to see what gentle, light Touch could offer. And so NeuroTouch was born. Ella’s pain was significantly lower after one session and, because they could use it every day, they continued through the holiday, things just continued to improve. NeuroTouch releases bucket loads of serotonins, endorphins, and oxytocin – beautiful chemicals the body can produce itself that are far better than any drugs we may choose to ingest.

NeuroTouch has released and unchained me from chronic muscle tension. I wake up pain free.” Finn Glenn

The Impact of Trauma

Mirror neurons mean that just hearing about traumatic events is experienced by the body as if we had gone through that trauma ourselves. Our alertness, our arousal levels are rising – so if you’re struggling a bit in today’s world, there are some very important sociological reasons why this is the case. This isn’t a problem inside you – this is a much wider issue.

Because no-one has to feel Alone or Isolated


In a world where communities have been decimated and increasingly people’s only contact is mediated by technology, NeuroTouch literally brings you back into contact with the people around you. You become a part of the wider NeuroTouch community and share a common language – the Touch Exchange – with others in that community. When increasing isolation and loneliness is literally killing people, NeuroTouch gives you a safe and healing way to, quick literally, reach out and touch someone.

Daily Trauma

Life today is throwing at us worries that hit our psyche on a very core, survival level – as well as triggering worries about our loved ones who are also suffering from this onslaught of traumatic news both locally and from all over the world.


Gently increase your energy levels

Exhaustion – chronic or otherwise – is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. And yet people using NeuroTouch are reporting how they are noticing their energy lifting, gently and naturally. This work is helping people move from feeling very stuck and blocked to experiencing their energy begin to flow freely again. Such fundamental Touch offers an immensely balancing effect – helping get you back to the real you.

The Body Remembers

Modern-day traumas may well be triggering historic traumas that we may not even remember. The part of the brain that creates memory is not fully developed until about the age of three and a half – so we won’t even remember some of the traumas we may be carrying from way back when. But the body never forgets…

Move from Adverse Mental Health to the Top of your Game

“NeuroTouch was the one thing that lifted me out of 18 months of low mood and feeling stuck.” Sarah was in her late 30s when she was hit by anxiety, low mood, low energy and a feeling of “What’s the point?” She tried psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, journalling – but what made the difference (over just 2 months of 3-4 sessions with her partner each week) was NeuroTouch. “I almost couldn’t believe it – I felt like I was back to ‘the old me’. It wasn’t from any particular NeuroTouch session – it was the cumulative effect. And having seen the power of it, I’m committed to keeping going – to continue to build my resilience and, well, just because I love it!”

How our brains work

Our current brain patterns were created and formed through trauma – but the very latest neuroscience is telling us that these brain patterns are not fixed and can be changed.

Connect with the Bigger Picture

Everyone’s experience of spirituality is different – and everyone’s experience of how NeuroTouch can connect them with their higher purpose is different too. We’ve had reports of people experiencing a sense of being beyond the material dimension and moving into a bigger world during their sessions. Others have experienced a reconnection with their core spirit – and a feeling of greater humanity and greater compassion.

Changing the Brain

In order to survive the modern traumasphere we literally need to “change our brains”. The part of the brain where trauma is being triggered, the limbic brain, does not respond to the conventional medical approach or even to psychotherapy. But it DOES respond if we talk in the language of the body: soothing Touch.

NeuroTouch: the Benefits

NeuroTouch activates the body’s own inherent ability to heal itself through that most ancient of medicines: safe, respectful Touch. The range of conditions it has helped grows every day, with reported benefits including:

  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Increased calmness and resilience
  • Greater Energy & stamina
  • Improved Relationships
  • Improved Sleep
  • Greater effectiveness at work
  • Reduced aches and pains
  • Relief from Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Reduced Symptoms of PTSD
  • Increased connection with life purpose
  • Healing of old injuries

A new approach

NeuroTouch brings together three very different worlds: psychotherapy, bodywork and neuroscience. From these worlds, Gerry has identified the key Touch protocols that directly communicate with the part of the brain where trauma is stored.

Start your Journey to Outstanding Health for you & your loved ones

The two-day NeuroTouch course gives you everything you need to give and receive Touch safely and powerfully – for the rest of your life. Read more…

Surviving the Traumasphere

Tap in to the ancient wisdom of healing of Touch which now gels with the most recent neuroscience about what the brain is doing. We now know how to reach the parts of the brain carrying these historic traumas – and anyone can do it. You can help your friends and your family reduce the amount of trauma they’re experience on a moment-to-moment basis – and build their resilience to live their life fully and with all their vitality.

NeuroTouch: the full story

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