NeuroTouch Provider Code of Responsibility

All providers are personally trained and supervised by Gerry Pyves, and have signed up to the following Provider Code of Responsibility:

The NeuroTouch Provider Code of Responsibility

As a NEURO-TOUCH Provider it is my responsibility to:

  • Communicate in a respectful and professional manner and observe local laws at all times.
  • Keep any documentation of our communications confidential and in a secure location in accordance with government data requirements.
  • Behave and dress appropriately for the role of a NeuroTouch Provider.
  • Teach the NeuroTouch protocols respectfully and safely in a professional and inclusive manner. This means exhibiting zero tolerance for any sexualising or demeaning behaviour.
  • Make clear all administrative aspects of the course, namely the location, duration, scope, cost and my cancellation policy. This means only training participants who have signed the NeuroTouch training contract
  • Inform you of any personal contraindications for doing this work that emerges and recommend suitable alternatives.
  • Remove any course participant who is a danger to the rest of the group or who behaves inappropriately for the learning environment.
  • Have proper professional indemnity and public liability insurance to teach the
    NeuroTouch protocols.
  • Keep myself up to date through on-going training and supervision with the creator of NeuroTouch (Gerry Pyves) or his delegated officers.
  • Keep clear and professional boundaries and not mislead you for any personal or financial gain.
  • Make this code available to you from the outset of our relationship

If you do not believe I am adhering to this code then you can raise this with me and if dissatisfied with my response, you can go to the official NeuroTouch web site ( and send an initial written complaint which will then be followed up by members of the administration. You can also check to see that I am a fully authorised NeuroTouch Provider on this site.